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Mucahuas from Jatun Molino, with names of the Kichwa potters. Fronts and backs are shown. Diameters of most are about 6-8 inches.

(Note: Estela Dagua is the correct name for all the pieces which are labeled "Estella Ushigua" in the photos.)



These bowls used by the Kichwa for drinking chicha, a fermented yuca or manioc beverage.

All the work on this page is Kichwa pottery, mostly from the villages of Puyo and Jatun Molino. All of the work is earthenware with red, white and black slips. The pottery is not glazed, but instead coated with a tree sap resin from the Shilquilu ruya tree (Protium fimbriatum). The resin is rubbed on the ware while it is still hot from firing, leaving a varnish-like surface.

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